A Biological basis for Transgenderism?

I am a radical feminist who does not agree that there is any biological basis for Transexualism or Transgenderism. In any “debate” on the internet about this issue, someone always posts links to studies that they claim backs up their idea that Transexualism/Transgenderism has a biological basis. I suspect that very few people actually follow these links. When you do it is clear that the so called research, does not provide any evidenceĀ of a biological cause.

Each post on this blog will look at one piece of research that has been used by someone on the internet to back up their claims around Transexualism and Transgender. The post will examine whether the research has any link to what is being claimed, the validity of the research and whether it proves a biological link.

Please feel free in the comments to this post, to post links to any research that you think is relevant to the argument for a biological basis for Transexualism or Transgenderism. I promise I will examine all research that you post links to.

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