I am a radical feminist who does not agree that there is any biological basis for Transexualism or Transgenderism. In any “debate” on the internet about this issue, someone always posts links to studies that they claim backs up their idea that Transexualism/Transgenderism has a biological basis. I suspect that very few people actually follow these links. When you do it is clear that the so called research, does not provide any evidence of a biological cause.

Each post on this blog will look at one piece of research that has been used by someone on the internet to back up their claims around Transexualism and Transgender. The post will examine whether the research has any link to what is being claimed, the validity of the research and whether it provides any evidence of a biological link.

Each post will also provide a summary of the post that can be cut and pasted for any debate about this research.


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  1. orthodoxtranssexual says:

    It saddens me a great deal to see things come to this, on one hand (as a woman) I understand the issues surrounding TG’s attempting to redefine what it is to be female, I and the VERY few women born like me face almost all of the same potential consequences FAAB women face should the TG movement get its way (and in some ways, we face other serious consequences that FAAB women don’t) and the soul sickening thing for us is that the changes they make, the “rights” they “win” are most often won by appropriating us and the situation we were born into with their fetish.

    I can end your research right now by saying that (IMO) a biological link or some kind of proof will never be found (short of dumb luck!)

    Why? Because not one honestly Transsexual woman would EVER volunteer to be tested, or for research. The moment we do we bring to the attention of the world (for their invalidation, judgment, belittling and degradation) not only OUR OWN differences, but also, afford people the “right” to judge our husbands, boyfriends, lovers, the legality of our marriages and the parental rights to our adopted children. The trauma of our early lives and birth condition is returned to us never to be escaped.

    There will never be “proof” or a true link found because the studies are tainted and done on fetishist men (transvestites) and not transsexual born females. (So feel free to stop if you’d like but I understand if you must continue).

    What truly saddens and scares me about this is the erasure of the true nature of the condition I was born with (and any understanding it may have achieved/received) and what that will mean for those few yet to be born or treated with/for the same condition.

    I hope that they are born with the hearts of lionesses as all those before them (who managed to survive) have had to be.


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