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Sexual Hormones and the Brain

A surprising number of “studies” that links are posted for are actually not studies at all, but proposals the author argues are worthy of research. Below is a link to such a proposal. I will post others under this category. … Continue reading

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Intersex Conditions

It is very common for Transactivists and allies to claim that most or many Transsexual people are intersex. This simply isn’t true. Summary – Intersex is the term used to describe a range of physically biological conditions where internal or … Continue reading

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Sexual Hormones and the Female Brain

In all my posts at the beginning I will include a simple paragraph that you can cut and paste that explains why the research quoted does not demonstrate a biological basis for Transexualism. Below is the first one. START QUOTING … Continue reading

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A Biological basis for Transgenderism?

I am a radical feminist who does not agree that there is any biological basis for Transexualism or Transgenderism. In any “debate” on the internet about this issue, someone always posts links to studies that they claim backs up their … Continue reading

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